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This is a secure site for registering your company and conducting eBusiness with Sarachin and its projects.

Suppliers and subcontractors are critical members of our procurement and contracting functions, supporting a diverse global business portfolio, encompassing power, transportation, communications, mining, oil and gas, and chemicals.

If you supply materials or provide services that we are likely to purchase (see What We Purchase), we invite you to register your company. After registering, it is important that you update your information periodically to keep us current with your company’s capabilities. The more complete, targeted, and current your registration information, the more visible your company will be to our projects around the world.

Once you have registered your company, you will also be able to learn more about Sarachin’s supply-chain requirements, review specific project opportunities, and submit qualification information about your company into our worldwide database of suppliers and subcontractors. Additionally, if you have an active contract with a Sarachin or Sarachin project, you can monitor shipments and deliveries.

New Member

To register, it is necessary for your company to have a Supplier Registration Permit (SRP) number. If you have questions or need more information, you can email us at . The person registering your company must have a valid email address, which will be used as his/her access ID to the Portal. If your company is already in our supplier/contractor database, you will be asked to contact us for assistance and verification.​

New companies can register in the global supplier and contractor database. Need to Register?

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