We Persistently Seek New Sources of Goods, Services, and Technology

Our industry continually evolves, and it is our imperative to persistently seek new sources of goods, services, and technology to meet the demands of our customers and their respective projects.

We pride ourselves on the knowledge, skill, experience, and customer commitment our suppliers and contractors bring to every project. We seek professional organizations that can meet these parameters and grow their competence jointly with us on increasingly challenging projects. We strive to give fair and equal treatment to all, ensuring a level field of competition and adhering to the highest ethical standards in the industry. To meet our needs as described above, we look for suppliers and contractors who have an interest to provide the following goods and services.

Architectural design services Doors and windows Elevator lifts and conveying systems Equipment (Food service, Laboratory) Ornamental metals (Formed-metal fabrications) Thermal and moisture protection (Roof panels, Wall panels)
Anchors Drainage and sewers Earthwork (Grading and structural backfill, Sand, aggregate, and stone) Marine (Surveying, oceanographic, piles, and caissons) Railroad Surfacing and paving
Cast-in-place concrete Reinforcing steel Structural precast concrete, plant-cast formwork
Distributables: General Construction
Construction equipment, tools, and supplies Fasteners Health and safety (Medical consumables, Safety consumables, Safety equipment) Scaffolding Temporary buildings and rigging
Bus ducts and supports Cable and wire Communications equipment (Antenna towers, Antennas, Wireless equipment, tower) Direct-current equipment Motor control centers and distribution panels Motors Packaged substations and distribution centers Switchgear Transformers, power and distribution Variable-speed drives
Analysis, monitoring, and testing (Hazardous materials, Health and safety, Well drilling) Cleanup, disposal, and treatment (Disposal, radioactive waste, Transportation, transporters, hazardous waste) Decontamination (Protective clothing, Radiological) Encapsulation, abatement, and remediation (Remediation, contaminated soil treatment, groundwater treatment, hazardous wastes) Incineration (or thermal) Nondestructive examination and other testing Safety (Hazardous chemical, Personal monitors)
Customs clearance Freight forwarding Inland freight Ocean freight Port handling
Analytical instrument (Analyzer, gas; flue, stack, chem system, infrared, Analyzer system houses and shelters, Steam, water-analysis system) Bulk materials (Instrument tube and pipe fittings and accessories) Control panel and instruments panels, local and control room Digital control and management information (Distributed control system, Emergency shutdown system) Flow instrument (Flowmeter, Metering, proving systems, Orifice plate) Level instrument (Gauge, magnetic level, Transmitter, level, radio frequency, radar) Pressure instrument Temperature instrument Valves and assemblies
Coatings and painting Fireproofing, process fire areas Industrial insulation Lining and liners Refractory Welding, insulation, refractory, coatings Welding, materials and services
Air-handling, fans, blowers Boilers, heaters, and furnaces Bulk solids, liquid transfer Compressors, vacuum equipment Condensers, cooling towers Ductwork and dampers Fabricated, machined, cast, or assembled components (Anode beams, Cathode blocks and bars) Gas scrubbing, treating Heat exchangers (Air-cooled, Shell-and-tube) Liquid separation and purification Material-processing equipment (Crushers, Extruders, Mill) Mobile equipment and transportable devices (Motorized trucks and transport, Passenger vehicles, pickup) Nozzles (Pot-lining materials, Pot superstructures) Platework, bins, silos, launders, and liners Pressure vessels and columns Pumps Tanks Turbine generators Unit handling and packaging (Cranes, Hoists, Tending machines)
Bulk piping Pipe Fabricated pipe spools Fittings and flanges Piping specialty items Valves
Gratings Metal fabrications Structural and miscellaneous steel Joists, furnishing