Living Our Commitment

Sarachin respects human rights everywhere we operate. Our actions are consistent with applicable national laws; Sarachin’s Mission and Vision; and the spirit and intent of the Iran Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. This commitment is set forth in the Sarachin Code of Conduct.

Our focus areas

Human rights issues in our business can be expansive and complex. At Sarachin, we focus our management on four areas:

Workers Treat colleagues in a manner consistent with Sarachin’s Mission and Vision. Security Provide security consistent with international principles when protecting people and assets. Communities Engage communities on potential project risks and impacts. Suppliers Engage core suppliers to promote responsible business.

We also collaborate with global human rights organizations, customers, partners, and peers to exchange knowledge and practical experiences to inform our business practices.

Through our 2030 sustainability target to engage 100 percent of our key suppliers to promote sustainability in the delivery of materials and services and prevent modern-day slavery, we are committed to driving responsible business practices within our supply chain.

Learn about our expectations for suppliers.