Delivering Complex projects to Provide Solutions for Rapid Development of Energy Resources

Sarachin offers a full range of contracting models for project services from development through engineering and construction to capital projects for operating facilities. Our teams partner with customers and local communities to deliver energy.


Featured Expertise
Field development and gathering Oil and gas processing facilities Oil refining: crude fractionation/distillation, delayed coking, lubes and wax production, sulfur removal, etc. Gasification: solids and gas Gas to liquids
Gasification Expertise
Integrated gasification combined cycle Petroleum refining Complete grassroots refineries Atmospheric crude and vacuum distillation Delayed cokers and fluid coking Gas oil hydrocracking Residue hydrocracking Fluid catalytic cracking Catalytic reforming Alkylation Mercaptan sulfur extraction Hydrogen Isomerization Sulphur recovery, storage and loadout Sour gas treating Sour water stripping Lube oil


Sarachin is one of a few companies to construct integrated petrochemical facilities that begin with basic feedstock and produce finished polymer and other end-products. We have proven history in designing and building plants that produce high-quality, high-demand products such as ethylene, polyethylene, polypropylene, butylenes, polyester and PET, and polyvinyl chloride.

In addition to processes using traditional feedstock, we have expertise in non-traditional processes for chemical production from such sources as natural gas. We provide a full range of services, from front-end design and optimization to construction and commissioning.


Sarachin delivers pipelines that transport oil, natural gas, petroleum products, slurry, water, and industrial gases for government and private customers. Our services include planning, engineering, procurement, construction, and project management.

Cross country pipelines Pump and compressor stations Gas compression, dehydration and injection facilities Condensate stabilization Crude storage tank systems Receiving terminals


Sarachin brings time-tested execution experience to the engineering, procurement, fabrication, and construction of storage tanks. Our experienced team specializes in project management, design, welding, fabrication, and construction―always focused on safety and the quality of delivery.

Sarachin uses a direct-hire, self-perform execution model that maximizes value to our customers by providing a single point of accountability. This approach results in exceptional safety, high quality, optimized schedule, and lower installed cost.

Field-Erected Storage Tanks

Sarachin specializes in the design and execution of all types of field-erected storage tanks. Our expertise includes:

Ambient storage tanks Spheres and pressure vessels Low-temperature and cryogenic tanks LNG tanks

Sarachin combines storage-tank and balance-of-plant capabilities to offer complete terminal solutions. We provide a single source of responsibility that eliminates multiple subcontracts, reduces potential for interface issues, and provides control over safety, quality, cost, and schedule performance. Our expertise includes:

Bulk liquid terminals LNG regasification terminals LNG peak-shaving and transportation facilities

Technology Center

Sarachin Hydrocarbon Technology Solutions (SHTS) is a leader in refining technologies and consulting services for petroleum, gasification, and energy markets throughout the Iran. Complemented by many years of operations experience, our international staff of technical experts has studied, evaluated, and implemented a wide range of process technologies. We provide value to our customers by integrating our industry, technology, and market know-how, and our ability to offer complete project solutions, from concept to execution is unequaled.

What we do
New technology development Value improvement practices De-bottlenecking studies Program management Technology licensor evaluations Energy conservation and optimization Pre-commissioning and commissioning assistance Technical audits Modularization