Startup, Management and Operations, and Maintenance Support

Sarachin offers startup programs, management and operations, and maintenance support roles for facilities all around the world. The organization is staffed with a multidisciplinary pool of talent, including experts in skill areas such as systems engineering, instrumentation and controls, rotating equipment, high-voltage electrical generation and transmission, water chemistry and wastewater treatment process operations, systems integration, process controls, and tuning and optimization.

What we do
Plant operability reviews Test-program development Facility startup and commissioning Procedure development Operations and maintenance training Turnkey commissioning Facility operations Facility outage support Facility inspections Process safety management
Featured expertise
Thermal, renewable, and hydropower stations Transmission substations and switchyards LNG and and other hydrocarbon process plants (upstream and downstream) Petrochemical process plants Pipelines, compressor stations, and pumping stations Makeup water and wastewater treatment plants National laboratories Hazardous waste remediation, vitrification, and neutralization Rail systems Airport infrastructure