Continually Developing Information Systems to Improve Our Work

Technology drives our business—it speeds schedules, cuts costs, improves productivity, ensures quality, and delivers long-term value for our customers. We are continually developing information systems to improve our work and licensing market-leading technologies.

Through our standalone technology center, Sarachin Hydrocarbon Technology Solutions (SHTS), we harness the expertise of our oil, gas, and chemicals process technologists, and gas processing technologists within our centers of excellence, to offer consultation and services around:

Refining Coal and coke monetization Carbon capture and alternative fuels Oil processing Gas processing Sulfur technology


Sarachin Hydrocarbon Technology Solutions (SHTS) offers a wide range of consultancy services for the refining industry, including:

Refinery configuration studies Techno-economic studies Energy optimization Technology evaluation Oil Sands and unconventional oil studies Precommissioning and commissioning assistance Front-end and bid package preparation New technology development

Coal and Coke Monetization

Sarachin has developed unparalleled expertise in gasification—from feasibility study to EPC and operation and for everything from pilot plants to demonstration plants, gasification to chemicals to integrated gasification combined cycles.

SHTS applies this hands-on knowledge to create conceptual, front-end gasification plant designs that are both innovative and practical. We make the most of licensor capabilities and effectively integrate multiple licensor packages into complete projects. An extensive, up-to-date, as-purchased, database leads to better cost estimates and project schedule in less time.

Our roles on industry-recognized projects have given us the knowledge and tools to successfully integrate innovative technologies with practical solutions: critical skills in an emerging market.

Featured expertise
Gasification technology screening on a wide range of gasifier and heat recovery technologies and options Syngas treating options: sulfur removal, sulfur recovery, sulfuric acid, COS hydrolysis, CO shift, methanation, and others Product slate evaluation: syngas, hydrogen, methanol, SNG, DME, diesel, synthetic gasoline, ammonia/urea, industrial chemicals, and/or power CO2 capture for EOR or sequestration considering CO2 separation, compression, and transport Feedstock options: coal, petcoke, biomass, and black liquor Emissions and resource requirements for early permit planning: gaseous emissions (continuous and startup/shutdown), wastewater quality, raw water requirements, slag byproducts, and others Integration: gasification integration into a new or existing refinery or chemical complex. Scale-up: pilot plant or semi-works to full plant scalability studies Conceptual cost estimates and operating costs expenditures: high level screening CAPEX and OPEX estimates for strategic decision making, planning, and screening of polygeneration product slate alternatives Studies: Siting, labor assessments, expandability
Benefits of working with SHTS
Long-term commitment to gasification and sustainable development Depth and extensive experience in gasification/syngas technologies from conceptual studies through operation More than 17 technical specialists available from conceptual design through commissioning Wholly-owned, worldwide engineering centers that have proven performance and technical capability delivering to reduced cost and schedule Ability to make the most of licensor capabilities and integrating multiple licensor packages into complete projects Current, detailed cost database for early, accurate gasification project cost estimates and schedules Real-time construction and labor knowledge for successful project execution Proven track record of delivering financeable project deals Commitment to Six Sigma as a way to enhance our products

Carbon Capture and Alternative Fuels

Diminishing natural resources have brought carbon capture and alternative fuels to the forefront. Our services include life-cycle analysis, CO2 audits, environmental-driven retrofits and new technology development.

Oil Processing

SHTS is the first choice in solvent-based lube technology and offers a full range of lube services worldwide.

Featured expertise
Initial consultation Feasibility studies Laboratory pilot plant studies: Obtain design data on client feedstocks and predict yields and quality based on actual experimental results; develop recommended operating conditions; perform crude evaluations for lube potential Process license packages: Develop detailed process design information including design basis, process flow diagrams (PFDs), heat and material balances, equipment data sheets, relief load analysis and piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs) Detailed engineering: Support client EPC contractor by reviewing engineering documents, HAZOP participation, audit plant facilities during construction; Sarachin can also offer EPC services directly to the client Operator training Startup and commissioning Technical services: Post startup unit audits and troubleshooting

Gas Processing

With increased industry focus on the extraction and monetization of gas reserves, SHTS offers a complete gas processing technology portfolio that ranges from Inlet Receiving through liquids processing, Nitrogen Rejection and Helium Recovery.

We are continuously developing a portfolio of technologies to address the Gas Processing Industry requirements. Our goal is to become the preferred partner to build the bridge to 22nd Century energy solutions globally by providing cutting-edge technology solutions for the energy industry.

Features expertise
Feasibility screening and technology options Strategic assessments and synergic evaluations Process design support Conceptual design, process engineering, process technology, and consulting services Patentable processes and unique equipment Research and development activities

Sulfur Technology

Sarachin’s Sulfur Technology Center coordinates the sulfur removal and recovery technology applications in gas processing, refining, gasification, power generation, and other related industries.

Understanding and applying technology are vital aspects of the design and construction of process plants, and individual experience is an essential element for success. Maintaining a core technology team with in-depth experience provides the opportunity to apply proven design techniques, continue the development of design improvements, and keep abreast of emerging technologies developed by others.

Gas and liquid treating Combustion system design Sulfur Plant Heat exchanger design Refractory system design Piping layout and planning Piping stress analysis Control instrumentation and systems Materials handling Environmental permitting Modularization
Featured expertise
Amine and Solvent Treating Claus Sulfur Recovery Tail Gas Treating Tail Gas Incineration Sulfur solidification and handling Liquid REDOX sulfur removal and recovery Combustion gas SOX removal