Contributing to Societies where We are Present

As a minimum requirement, Sarachin is adamant that our operations should not contribute negatively to a country's development. This is the philosophy behind our ambitious anti-corruption programme, but is also the basis for our efforts to ensure we do not contribute to breaches of human rights.

Sarachin is a mainstay industry in many communities, and it is important for us to be a responsible employer, creating employment and skills development opportunities. Good communication and cooperation with trade unions, government stakeholders and other representatives in the local community is important to us.

Our People Policy sets out that the company should provide support to the relevant employees where any restructuring affects them directly. We also believe that working with our suppliers to promote sustainable development and responsible business strategies is one way we can contribute to society and the workforce employed at our supplier base.

Protecting Human Rights

As a supplier to the oil and gas sector it is important for Sarachin to ensure that we continue to deliver high quality products that help our customers be more energy-efficient, and solutions that help reduce environmental risks and impacts.

We have committed resources to research into environmentally friendly solutions for the oil and gas industry's future as well as new and greener business opportunities. It is important to develop new technologies. It is also important to combine existing technologies in smarter and more efficient ways.

Initiatives to Reduce our Environmental Impact

Sarachin acknowledge our responsibility to respect international Human Rights as expressed in the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and we undertake particular caution with respect to human rights in developing economies with a poor human rights record.

We will ensure that our business in developing countries respects the rights of local communities, ethnic groups and individuals, and that we always do our utmost to avoid being complicit in human rights abuses.

Our commitment to avoid complicity in human rights abuses forms part of our obligations as a member of the UN Global Compact, and is also specified in company policies and the Code of Conduct. Key focus areas for us are protecting human rights in our workforce and among subcontractors and suppliers, and ensuring that the company does not contribute to oil and gas activities where the risk of complicity in human rights violations is unacceptable.

Responsible Supply Chain Management

Sarachin's use of subcontractors often constitutes a large proportion of the contract value, and as a major buyer we have both responsibility and the opportunity to influence.

We expect responsible behaviour from our suppliers and subcontractors, and will work with them to ensure that they have awareness and take appropriate responsibility for Health, Safety and Environment (HSE), anti-corruption, human rights, labour rights and environmental and social impact.

We acknowledge that our responsibility is greater where we have the possibility to influence in the supply chain.