Absolute Zero Tolerance for Corruption

We believe that supporting a rule-based system, with transparency, fair competition and equal treatment, is of benefit both to our company, to the sustainability of our industry and to society.

Sarachin is committed to fair and open competition. We are committed not to engage in any anti-competitive practices or other activities which violate anti-trust laws or directives. We treat our customers fairly, and act with concerns also for their integrity. Sarachin does not offer any financial or in-kind contributions to political parties. We also encourage you to review carefully the complete text of Sarachin’s Business Ethics policy.

Fighting Corruption

Corruption has been identified as a key obstacle to the trickle-down effect of wealth creation.

Corruption reduces governments' capacity for public spending and transfers wealth from the public to individuals. It also causes public discontent and political and security risks. Corruption is highly illegal in almost all countries, as well as under the international anti-corruption legislation.

At Sarachin, we are committed to combating corruption, and to promoting our zero tolerance approach to bribery and facilitation payments. Our zero tolerance approach will be shared with all of our customers, our employees, and with governments and public officials where we operate. Our employees will receive integrity and ethics training suitable to their needs.

Corruption risk assessment at Sarachin takes place within the overall corporate risk assessment, and as a specific assessment taking into account the different markets and types of operations. Deliveries to and activities in high-risk countries are screened for corruption risks in the project bid-no bid phase, in order to enable early adjustments in the project design if necessary.

Anti-Corruption Compliance

Over the past few years Sarachin has worked hard to develop a robust defence system against corruption, starting where the risk has been highest.

A key focus for us has been to ensure that we work with agents and sales intermediaries who we are confident are doing business according to the guidelines set out in the Sarachin's Code of Conduct.

We spend considerable resources ensuring proper due diligence is applied, and that high risk intermediaries are carefully assessed, approved and trained in our anti-corruption policies. Corruption and fraud risks for Sarachin also exist where people travel, where contracts are signed, and in the supply chain.