Skilled and Motivated Employees and Leaders

Having highly skilled and motivated employees and leaders is a key success factor for a technology-driven company like Sarachin. The company therefore continuously strives to enhance its attractiveness by offering new and existing employees opportunities to develop and expand their skills and careers at Sarachin. Sarachin is investing substantial resources in developing people and teams, together with other initiatives to maintain its position as a favoured employer.

Our People Policy and our Code of Conduct outline the key rights and responsibilities of our employees. It is the responsibility of all line managers to ensure that the policies are implemented. Human Resource (HR) managers at each location are responsible for the relevant training and monitoring, while Corporate HR is responsible for implementing strategies and monitoring the efficiency of the policies.

Diversity and Equal Opportunities

Sarachin recognise the value that diversity in the workplace brings to our company and clearly states its commitment to equal opportunity and non-discrimination.

Our policy is to ensure that equal opportunities are provided to all prospective employees regardless of race, colour, religion, gender, age, national origin or disability.

Our People Policy states that all employees can expect a workplace free from harassment and discrimination. Sarachin will respect its employees, apply a fair rewards approach, and provide suitable training and development opportunities for all. The company promotes equal opportunities by setting specific requirements for diversity in recruitment and people development, and by supporting programmes dedicated to equal opportunities. Each business area is responsible for developing appropriate procedures for their environment that seek to promote equal opportunities and diversity, ensuring compliance with local legislation as a minimum.

Recruitment and Retention

Sarachin aims to be well regarded as a potential employer in its key markets and regions, and the company continues to invest in local and regional schemes that support the employer brand.

Focusing on employee retention is key to strengthening employee's motivation and skills. At Sarachin, several employee benefits are offered to employees across the company.

The benefit practice is, with a few exceptions, more or less the same for Sarachin companies located in the same country, particularly for benefits like pension and personnel insurance. Sarachin does not differentiate between part-time and full-time employees when it comes to benefits offered.

Learning and Development

Sarachin's deliveries depend on the skills, efforts and performance of our people. We actively strive to attract and develop talented individuals who understand our customers' needs and requirements and who can produce and deliver the best solutions.

Competence development opportunities are offered globally, regionally and locally at Sarachin. These activities aim to create value for the company and form a basis for personal development and new career opportunities for the individual employee or manager.

Sarachin has a global internal forum for skills development and employee training, which is a competitive advantage for the company. The academy offers programmes in professional subject areas such as leadership (at various levels), project execution, commercial management and HSE. The company offers more than 30 tailored online learning programmes.

Performance Culture

In order to enhance performance, objectives are set and performance is measured at team and individual levels, regarding behaviour and commercial aspects.

Sarachin actively strives to attract and develop talented individuals who understand our customers' needs and requirements and who can produce and deliver the best solutions.

At least once a year, managers and employees evaluate the results achieved. This performance dialogue provides the basis for recognition, rewards and career opportunities, and provides guidance for potential individual performance improvements.

Employee Representation

As part of our commitment to human rights and labour rights, Sarachin encourages employee representation in our business units in all locations.

Through participation in working committees, and on our Board of Directors, trade union representatives provide employees with valuable influence, and an important line of communication between employees and management.

Sarachin's employees have the right to be heard, represented and to form and join trade unions of their own choice. These unions have the right to be recognized for collective bargaining purposes.

Sarachin maintains a global framework agreement applicable for all employees in the company ensuring freedom of association, collective bargaining and other core labour rights.